Hero Cantare JP Server and Voice Actors

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I was planning to write up something on Twitter, then realized how much spam there would be for it, so it went to the blog instead. In the past week or two, Hero Cantare’s Japanese server finally opened (after being announced at the end of 2019), and with it, NGELGAMES has had the game redubbed in Japanese. I was able to find a list of their voice actors on one of their youtube videos, so this means there are a pair that I can’t attribute to another character yet. (I’ll update this post once I’ve found out who they play.)

The promotional images that are listed in each section are coming from this site.

The God of High School

GoH was one of the series I was most interested in finding out this info, seeing as the anime just had finished its run. Looks like my guess was right upon coming across some of the voice actors- they are trying to keep the same voices going.

Heavenly Warlord – Tatsumara Tachibana
Jade Emperor Daewi Han – Kentaro Kumagai
Crusade Mira Yoo – Ayaka Ohashi. (Also credited for Witch of the West Mira)
Nine-Tailed Ilpyo Park – Kouki Uchiyama
Sujin Lee – Hyo-sei
Prime King Uma – Natsuko Hara

Takuya Satou

Tower of God

While, like God of High School, the Tower of God characters that were in the anime share their voice actors, there are also a lot of characters in Hero Cantare that haven’t shown up in the anime yet. Hopefully, these voices will carry over too. That would be pretty awesome.

Black March Bam / Jyu Viole Grace – Taichi Ichikawa
Endorsi – Rie Suegara
Hwaryun – Youko Hikasa
Urek Mazino – Chihara Sawashiro
Green April Yuri Ha – Mariko Honda
Yeon’s Flame Khun – Nobuhiko Okamoto
White – Takeshi Nishimura
Maschenny – Natsumi Hioka
Elaine – Yui Nakajima

Masaaki Mizunaka

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hardcore Leveling Warrior just needs to be animated. That’s all.

Max Level Warrior – Masahiro Itou
Light – Seiji Maeda
Queen No Name – Ai Kakuma (Also plays regular No Name)
Valkyrie – Ryouko Ono
God-Killer Zero – Risa Tsumugi
Master Pooh-Upooh – Haruca
Swordmaster Sora – Nichika Oomori
King Dark – Shuuichiro Umeda


Chloris – Rie Tanaka
Idol Rockcrawler – Satomi Koorogi
Odette – Mikako Komatsu
Hilda – Yuko Sato
Daisy – Kaoru Akiyama
Charlotte – Kana Motomiya
Phantom Thief Liddie – Hikaru Tono
Pure Green Arin – Natsumi Yamada

Preview Videos

NGELGAMES released a group of videos for follow/retweet campaigns that have samples of the voice actors in action. If you want to hear them, check these videos out below.

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