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Sorry for the click-bait’y title. But in this case, it does have some meaning.

For those who have heard the news, the Extra Life Stream Team is taking on a new form. Unfortunately with this new form, I have made the decision to step away from it and will not be streaming on the Extra Life channel anymore. Streaming on Saturday afternoons has been wonderful for the past three years and I loved all of my Saturday crew cohorts that I worked with over the years! I played games like Oath in Felghana, Ys VIII, Breath of the Wild, and was in the middle of Breath of Fire when the channel went offline.

But while all good things must come to an end,
an end is always a new beginning, in a way?

Starting in June, I will be launching a new streaming segment on my channel: Saturday Mornings for the Kids. Named to invoke the idea of chilling while watching Saturday morning cartoons, these Extra Life centric blocks will be where I will continue playing games in the vein of the fun, family-friendly titles. I will be speaking of the good of Extra Life, and maybe I can even get a few special guests in or do some special events. These segments will be dedicated to being somewhere between two to four hours.

A New, and Unique List of Games

I have planned out the following four games to start this program, that will be independent of the current stream schedule:

  • Breath of Fire (SNES) (Completing)
  • Breath of Fire II (SNES)
  • StarTropics (NES)
  • Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

these may actually be the games i planned to do next on the extra life channel anyway.

With the addition of these games, due to my own rulings and it taking place on my channel, this means that we may have more Donation-based Crowd Control runs of the Link to the Past randomizer. It wasn’t possible on the Extra Life channel, due to the accesses on the channel and utilizing crowd control there. However, since these blocks will now be on my own channel, we may see these happen more often. These have always been a fun success during game day events, so I’d like to keep this as a thing related to Extra Life.

Another change, however, is that bits and subs may not necessarily go directly to Extra Life. Instead, they will be able to fund things like my ability to donate during streams like the randomizer ones. Or to provide for incentives and prizes for future giveaways and events on stream.

I would also like to be able to do streams where I can invite voice actors, developers, or other people to be involved in certain games or provide previews under the Extra Life banner through this block.

What It’s All About

I am legitimately excited about this new change to the channel. I’m sad to no longer be part of the community that was the Extra Life Stream Team, and recent events have made this a super difficult decision to go through.

On my channel, Saturday Mornings for the Kids will be benefitting Children’s Health of Dallas, Texas via Extra Life. This is the hospital that saved my life during an aplastic crisis when I was seven years old. Children’s Health is a wonderful asset to the North Texas community and I really wish to be able to help them support the children who come through their doors.

Regardless, times and the start date of this event, as well as the logo and other media will be revealed closer to the date sometime in June. I hope to see everyone in the channel and let’s get some good vibes out- especially for the kids!

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