Extra Life Week 2023 Starts Today!

Today is the day it all begins. It’s time to Play Games and Heal Kids.

This week will feature five days of Extra Life centric gaming, advocating to help kids who are fighting for their own lives and health every day. Each day is somewhat themed with different types of games and challenges.

Additionally, many of the games will have incentives. A donation to Extra Life will force me to play a certain way in that game as I go through things.

You can see my Extra Life page here.

So here’s the schedule! (All times listed are central time zone.)

Also, some games will have special events to them. These will also be described!

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Day 1, Monday April 3, 2023

1pm to 4pmFinal Fantasy XV
Menacing Steyliff. Again.

I will be going through the 100 floors of monsters and tonberries and just the plain frustration of Steyliff dungeon, with any newfound experience I’ve gained in my fiddling around with the game since I’ve last gone through this dungeon. Will I remember the tricks I learned fighting Omega? Or will I just get knocked out of Armiger Unleashed too many times all over again?

Or you could just take the Ring of the Lucii away from me. This, as well as other items, are included in the incentives for this run.

4pm to 7pmForspoken
I still have a lot that’s not finished in Forspoken. Three hours to attempt these things, find nightmares, and maybe try to get onto a bridge.

8pm to 11pmNo Man’s Sky
In VR, along with maybe a friend or two in voice while I explore the galaxy. This will also have some incentives, where you can name flora, fauna, and maybe even planets.

11pm to 2amThe Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
Time to wrap the day closed with a bit of chilling and Breath of the Wild. Just a nice, (maybe) soothing reminder that Tears of the Kingdom is just around the corner.

Day 2, Tuesday April 4, 2023

1pm to 4pmGurumin
An oldie, but a goodie!

4pm to 7pmHi-Fi Rush
A much anticipated game on this channel. If it weren’t for the crazy backlog for this year, this would have been a thing far sooner. Maybe this will come back at some point, as well.

8pm to 11pmAudiosurf meets Falcom
It’s been awhile since an Audiosurf and Falcom stream has been run on this channel. Let’s change that. Multiple new games have come out since then, too!

There is an incentive for Falcom music requests, as well.

11pm to 2amTheatrhythm: Final Bar Line
We’ll come back to questing and unlocking songs. You can also fire off requests of tracks through an incentive that’s been set via my Extra Life link.

Day 3, Wednesday April 5, 2023

1pm to 4pmSentinels of the Multiverse
Will we fight OblivAeon again? Will we tell Baron Blade where he can put his mobile defense platform? Who knows! But you are promised shenanigans and fun.

4pm to 7pmFinal Fantasy XIV
Tonberries? Again? Maybe.

8pm to 11pmBarotrauma
Come join me and the rest of the crew of the Vanilla A40 as we try and not drown in the frozen waters of Europa.

11pm to 2amFinal Fantasy XV: Comrades
Going hunting with other glaives to try and build the best weapons to finally take Ifrit down once and for all.

Day 4, Thursday April 6, 2023

1pm to 4pmFinal Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion
This is on my schedule for the year. Might as well get started with it.

4pm to 7pmThe Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure
It can’t be an RPG block without a Falcom game. And this is my current game anyway.

8pm to 11pmYs IX Monstrum Nox (Lunatic)
Continuing to chip away at my Lunatic save of Ys IX.

11pm to 2amSoul Blazer
Hey, look, Yotaka. It’s Soul Blazer.

Day 5, Friday April 7, 2023

Please note: this morning has a relatively painful appointment regarding my foot. This schedule may be in flux based on how I feel after the appointment.

1pm to 4pmAi: The Somnium Files nirvanA Intiative
This is back in Extra Life. I do plan to finish it at some point this year.

4pm to 7pmANNO: Mutationem
This is yet another game that’s slated to return at some point this year.

8pm to 12amThe Legend of Zelda Link to the Past Randomizer
We can never get enough of the LttP Randomizer. And this time, it will be festive.

12am to 2amWorld of Horror
Time to close out a stream of doing good with some good old fashioned horror text adventures.

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